Behind the Scenes

That’s really what you’re after when you’re looking for a developer.  You need someone who can simply make things work.  That’s what I do.

I know that all the code in the world gets you nowhere if your developer hasn’t first helped you solve your problem. Whatever your need: analytics, reporting, website design and construction, systems integration, database development, I can help. I’ll sit down with you to learn about your needs, and then I’ll work up a solution before I ever write the first line of code.

Even if you’re a marketing or development firm that has bitten off more than you can chew with a client, I can help in whatever capacity you need without referring to the work on this site. I know how important client confidentiality is, and that’s why so much of what I do stays behind the scenes.

This is me

My name is Nathan Owens, and I’m based in Birmingham, Alabama.  I’m a freelance .NET, PHP, and JavaScript (including Angular and Vue) web developer.  Most of my contracts are for website development, often in WordPress, but I also write custom applications and API integrations.  I like to use Bootstrap for scaffolding when it makes sense.

I have a BS in Management Information Systems as well as a BS in Business Management, both from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I’m also a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer.  Before I went full time into software, I spent many years in logistics management, so I occasionally put those skills to use by working as a logistics consultant.

Outside of work, I have three fantastic children, I’m in a local band, I love to read, and I help coach my kids’ soccer teams.  And whenever I can find the time, I enjoy playing my Xbox or PS4.

The office

The images show off my old office space near 5 Points South.  It was a great office with a ton of character.  

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