Behind the Scenes

That’s really what you’re after when you’re looking for a developer.  You need someone who can simply make things work.  That’s what I do.

I know that all the code in the world gets you nowhere if your developer hasn’t first helped you solve your problem. Whatever your need: analytics, reporting, website design and construction, systems integration, database development, I can help. I’ll sit down with you to learn about your needs, and then I’ll work up a solution before I ever write the first line of code.

Even if you’re a marketing or development firm that has bitten off more than you can chew with a client, I can help in whatever capacity you need without referring to the work on this site. I know how important client confidentiality is, and that’s why so much of what I do stays behind the scenes.

This is me

My name is Nathan Owens, and I’m based in Birmingham, Alabama.  I’m a freelance .NET and PHP web developer.  Most of my contracts are for website development, often in WordPress, but I also write custom applications and API integrations.  I like to use Bootstrap for scaffolding, and I use jQuery like it’s going out of style (but I really hope it doesn’t!).

I have a BS in Management Information Systems as well as a BS in Business Management, both from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I’m also a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer.  Before I went full time into software, I spent many years in logistics management, so I occasionally put those skills to use by working as a logistics consultant.  My forté is in small parcel delivery.

Outside of work, I have a wonderful wife and three fantastic children (one of whom is climbing on me as I write this).  I love to read, I play guitar, I’m an amateur blogger, and I help coach my kids’ soccer teams.  And of course, whenever I can find the time, I enjoy playing Xbox.

The office

The images show off my old office space near 5 Points South.  It was a great office with a ton of character.  But now I’m in a new space closer to the financial center that’s equally cool.  I’ll try to post images soon.  I’m now located above the Roly Poly on 20th St between 3rd and 4th Ave N.

313 20th St N
Ste 205
Birmingham, AL 35203

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